М 20-4


The small machine with great capabilities
flexible Z-folding boom
low unfolding height
TR-Support for compact support area
Pumps up to 90 m³/h. S-Valve (BSF)
Agile 2-Axle-Chassis
Special Feature: Sanima-Kit for refurbishment works

Boom (M 20-4)
model M 20-4
delivery line dn 125/5.5
arms 4
folding system ZR
vertical reach 19,5m 63’12”
horizontal reach 16,1m 52’10”
depth of reach 11,1m 36’5″
unfold height 3,9m 12’10”
end hose length max 4m 13
support leg force front 105kN
support leg force rear 70kN
Pump (BSF …09 H)
model BSF …09 H
delivery cylinder stroke 1400mm
delivery cylinder diameter 230mm
output pistonside 90m³/h
pressure pistonside 78bar
strokes pistonside 26/min