The new generation at a glance
Smooth 5-arm placing boom thanks to intelligent laying of the delivery line and the balanced development of the steel structure
Efficient work through consistently clever ergonomic design
Even better safety through closer consideration for current standards and guidelines
Service-friendly as a result of ist optimised accessibility and consistent bolted concept
Lower service costs through maintenance-free components

Boom (M 56-5)
model M 56-5
delivery line dn 125/5,5
arms 5
folding system RZ
vertical reach 55,1m
horizontal reach 49,9m
Horizontal Reach (net) 45,6m
depth of reach 40,3m
unfold height 15,6m
end hose length max 3m
Pump (BSF …16 H)
model BSF …16 H
delivery cylinder stroke 2100mm
delivery cylinder diameter 230mm
output rodside 160m³/h
pressure rodside 85bar
strokes rodside 31/min
output pistonside 108m³/h
pressure pistonside 130bar
strokes pistonside 21/min
Pump (BSF …16 H LS)
model BSF …16 H LS
delivery cylinder stroke 2100mm
delivery cylinder diameter 250mm
output pistonside 160m³/h
pressure pistonside 85bar
strokes pistonside 26/min