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The compact BSA 1005 E C is driven through a powerful electric motor. This makes it an ideal machine for the use in tunnels or especially in City Centers if low noise is compulsory. The BSA 1005 E C is equipped with the new OPS control and EPS (Ergonic Pump System). EPS enables a particularly smooth switchover of the S transfer tube while reducing wear at the same time.With the BSA 1005 E, it is possible to deliver normal concrete with a grain size of up to 32 mm.
no CO2-Emission
The BSA 1000 class can be used for pumping of concrete as well as for shotcrete. It has a vertical reach of up to 50m and a horizontal reach of up to 150m

Model BSA 1005 E C
Material number 102423.000
Output m³/h 52
Delivery pressure bar 70
Delivery cylinder Ø mm 180
Delivery cyl. stroke mm 1000
Strokes / minute 34
Engine / motor power kW 45
Hopper RS 487K
Capacity l ca. 350
Filling height m 42036
Transfer tube S 1812
Line connection mm SK 125
Pressure connection 42129
Control system SPC-OPS
Weight kg 2700