BSA 2107 HP E


The world-record setting long stroke concrete pumps with high performance for distance and highrise. The vertical reach is from 100 m to 300 m and the horizontal reach is about 1000 m. Electric driven. Ideal for tunnel applications delivering concrete over a long distance. quiet high-performance without emission The BSA 2107 is an all-rounder for medium distance with a vertical reach from 100 m to 300 m and a horizontal reach up to 1000 m
Pump (BSA 2107 HP E)
model BSA 2107 HP E
output rodside 71m³/h
pressure rodside 150bar
strokes rodside 18/min
output pistonside 47m³/h
pressure pistonside 220bar
strokes pistonside 12/min
delivery cylinder diameter 200mm
delivery cylinder stroke 2100mm
drive description E 50 Hz
drive power 200kW
weight 8600kg